carbon wheels

Carbon wheels


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RCS - Replaceable Carbon Spokes

The No Compromise wheel set has carbon spokes which are lighter and stiffer than steel spokes.  Each one has 96,000 carbon fibre mono filaments to provide this incredible performance.


The rims have been optimised with a number of key technologies to ensure they are both light and aerodynamic.  The rims are constructed from either T700 or T800 (series dependant) carbon fibre which creates a light and stiff rim.


The hubs are constructed from Aluminium or Carbon Fibre and Aluminium (series dependant), featuring Over Sized Flanges and Fixed Lacing System.

WCB - Wheel-Specific Ceramic Bearings

Enduro bearings are used to provide low friction and smooth rolling experience. Depending on series you will have the ABEC 5 or Zero Ceramic bearings in your wheel hubs.

ABS - Active Balance System 

ABS is a combination of a proprietary tubeless valve matched with a counterweight on the opposite side of the rim.  The dynamic balance of this system creates a silky smooth ride and greater confidence when travelling at higher speeds.

TLS - Tubeless Ready System

By optimising the manufacturing process we have been able to eliminate the spoke holes in the rim bed.  This allows for a much simpler tubeless setup and the removal of rim tape.


The wheels are available in 3 different series, 2 rim heights, Tubeless or Tubular, disc or rim brake.  So there will be one combination which fits your needs perfectly.