road bike frame

Road bike frame


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    HPC - High Performance Composite 

    The combination of high quality carbon fibre and experienced engineers delivers a lightweight frame which is aerodynamic and stiff.

    ATS - Asymmetric Transmission Structure

    The frame has several areas which are asymmetric - bottom bracket, fork, chain stay and bottom of the seat tube all of which balance the pedalling forces to ensure an efficient and stable ride.

    RDC - Race Day Combatant 

    The lightest version of the EXCEED carries over all the design principles but utilises different carbon fibres and lay ups to further reduce the weight of the overall system by a further 178g (medium frame).

    Aerodynamically optimised

    The NACA tube shapes have been brought together through the use of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software to deliver a frame that will cut through the air. 

    One piece handlebar

    The frame is delivered with a one piece handlebar which includes fully internal routing for mechanical and electronic shifting. 

    FGS - Functional Geometry System

    We combined our knowledge of ergonomics and bike fitting into the frame geometry.  The principals of the FGS will help you to better realise  "human to bike integration" and that results in comfort and speed.