About GRC


Designed and made in China and fabricated with the best materials possible, GRC is a professional cycling apparel brand which is dedicated to making superior and functional clothing. Lead by our mission, 'Reveal the Unknown, Reach the New Height', GRC will provide cyclists with more and more interesting and high quality products.




GRC is an innovative brand pursuing high-quality clothing with dedication. We are super passionate on experimenting various materials, such as MITI, CARVICO, 3M, POLARTECH, YKK and Elastic interface then evolving our fabrication technique to meet our high standard of perfection.


We attach great importance to environmental protection. Our aim is to use 100% sustainable materials to make our products and contribute to global sustainable development.


The use of laser cutting, seamless cuffs and the latest bonding techniques the clothing will realise the maximum benefit from the innovative fabrics.