VORTEX carbon wheels are the culmination of engineering and manufacturing craftsmanship which creates the perfect balance of weight, stiffness and price. The team behind the VORTEX wheels have a passion for getting it right and using new technology and ideas to ensure each wheel set reaches the optimum level. They have refined their knowledge to bring 3 series of wheels each with its own unique technologies.

Each wheel is designed to have equal length and tensioned spokes (front, rear, drive side, non drive side) which is made possible by our unique hub and rim design. The rims use offset spoke holes and hubs have oversized flanges to be able to use equal length spokes. The spoke tension is also equal and delivers a wheel which is more consistent under load. To ensure this happens each wheel is hand laced, tensioned and finished by hand. This ensures the highest level of quality so when they arrive with our customers it is ready to be ridden. This hand building of the wheels is part of the brand DNA of VORTEX.

The product features of VORTEX are made possible by engineers and manufacturing specialists who continuously push the boundary of what is possible. This philosophy was embedded in the team right from the start of the venture and continues today with this latest range of products. There are countless challenges and choices In the process of transforming the design from engineers concept into products. This passion and affection for the riders is what drives VORTEX forward.



Competitive road racing demands high quality components, and your choice of wheelset can have a critical impact on the outcome of your race.  Built on the notion of uncompromising performance, we have created a truly uncompromising competitive product.  Our unique technologies include aerodynamic replaceable carbon spokes (RCS) coupled with oversized flange (OSF) hubs and Enduro Ceramic Zero Bearings.  After exhaustive manufacturing and testing iterations, the No Compromise series are ready to hit the road with weights from 1060g.


Exemplifying the motto "classic, traditional, tried and tested”, our Competition series of wheels use more established designs and materials to deliver a long-lasting product that requires less maintenance and provides more comfort.  The Competition series are still synonymous with high-performance: it still inherits many design elements from the No Compromise series like T800 carbon fibre and Enduro Ceramic Zero Bearings.  This wheel set starts at 1180g in weight.


Integrating feedback from a large number of riders and users, weed out complicated details, and strengthened the core performance that riders care about most: stability!  These wheels still incorporate Enduro ABEC5 bearings and start at weight of 1390g.  These are truly the benchmark for wheels at this price point.


Accidents happen so we want you to reassured if something unforeseen happens.  Our incident protection program allows you to replace your wheels at a discounted price.