About Cycling100

The meaning of Cycling100

In traditional road cycling, a 100-mile ride is called a "century ride" and the ability to ride 100 miles in a single ride is a sign of advancement. And 100 kilometres is called a "metric century". Whether it's 100 kilometres or miles, the number 100 means a lot. And that's the inspiration behind Cycling100.

Cycling100 is a new entrant into Europe that curates high-end bike components made by the best Chinese manufacturers such as wheels, frames and clothing. Cycling100 is not just another e-commerce site, we are driven by a community of professional road cyclists to offer European riders unique and competitive bike parts. Our selection model is strictly driven by a complete quality control process, extensive product validation and access to the best partners across China.

In China, Cycling100 has enabled more than 200,000 road cyclists across the country to enjoy nature and roads through the products we provide.  This success and the continued innovation in China means we are now delighted to offer our high-quality products to all countries. Our passion will accompany more road cycling enthusiasts who wish to equip themselves with affordable and high-performance bike parts.


Road cycling

Our key difference in the market: We are not a western brand made in China. We are selecting the very best Chinese bike brands that are conceived, designed and made in China, this unique advantage allows us to offer highly competitive and affordable products.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Chinese manufacturers have been working with carbon fibre to make a wide variety of high technology parts for industries like automotive, cycling and aerospace. Our brand of carbon wheels VORTEX and road bike frame SEKA are examples of how that manufacturing knowledge combined with skilled design and engineering we can deliver the objective of no compromise between aerodynamics, performance and durability.

Choosing Cycling100 means choosing durable quality at a price that defies the competition. Equip yourself with components at the best price that will guarantee comfort and race-focused performance.


Our 3 point charter

1. Strict Selection process

We strictly select the products offered using our team, all of whom are from the cycling profession and have a passion for their sport.  Our products have been personally put through their paces by this team over an extended period of time, and some of our key products have been tested and reviewed with the cycling media.  We are looking for performance, innovation and passion from these brands before we start the next phase with them.

2. Focus on Quality

We audit each one of our brands to ensure that they have a quality control team with strict processes in place. For example: all our bike wheels and carbon frames must undergo multiple rounds of inspection and control by our internal quality team (from the factory to the warehouse) before they are despatched. All our brands must meet international cycling industry standards and testing.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Because we place great importance on the trust of our customers your satisfaction is the key metric we measure ourselves by.   From choosing the right brands to the focus on quality and then choosing quality logistics partners we will ensure that your goods reach you quickly and safely.  Finally we don’t say goodbye after delivery, we have a customer service team who can answer and solve any questions or issues you have before or after purchase.