Cycling100 Team

Chain Zou has been involved in the Chinese cycling scene since 2008 as the founder of a bike shop/cycling club called Chains.  In 2014 he founded SCP, an NGO organising cycling and triathlon race events (which later became the HEROS race series).  In 2017, Chain introduced L’Etape and TDF Criterium into China.  Alongside Cycling100, he runs Club100, a video channel that promotes cycling in China and now has more than 200k subscribers.  This has given him a unique insight and connections with many of the up and coming cycling brands, and it gave birth to the idea of bringing them to the rest of the world.

As a cyclist: Chain has ridden all over China, rode the events/routes of TdF, Flanders, and all continents except for South America.  He is also a TV race commentator in his spare time, frequently commentating on le Tour, il Giro, la Vuelta for China’s official coverage.


Jonathan Rayner is a mechanical engineer by background and spent nearly 30 years in the automotive and aerospace industries, mainly in marketing departments.  He moved to Shanghai, China, in 2011, where he currently lives, works and rides.  He turned his passion for cycling into a business when he started working with Chain to deliver new Chinese brands to the rest of the world.

A recent convert to cycling in 2012, Jonathan then started racing criteriums (which coincidentally were run by Chain).  He even ventured further afield in China and even competed in longer multi-day races, including the Tour of Friendship (in Thailand).  As gravel riding became more popular, he started to explore bikepacking and has subsequently done many multiday rides, including riding around Tasmania, Gansu, Yunnan and several other provinces of China.  His biggest claim to fame is competing and finishing Dirty Kanza (Unbound Gravel) in 2019. In 2020 Jonathan clocked up just over 10,000km.


Simone Lee graduated from Fudan University in 2021 with a degree in Physics.  After graduation, she joined Cycling100 as her first role (again following a career as a passionate cyclist).  Simone loves long-distance riding, and in 2018 she rode from Dali (Yunnan province) to Tibet.  Since then, she has ridden around Guangxi and Hainan and recently rode from Shanghai to Beijing (approximately 1200km).  Her 2020 riding kilometres were 15,500.  She is well and truly the highest mileage rider in the team.


As we expand, we will continue to add to the team biographies so you can get a sense of the people behind Cycling100.